Stories of Service: Valley Veterans Remember WWII


Stories of Service: Valley Veterans Remember WWII
compiled by Janice Stevens

Hardcover, 7″ x 10″, 244 pages, 90 B&W photos

ISBN 978-1-933502-08-3
Regional History

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Product Description

Valley Veterans Share Their World War II Experiences

Stories of Service: Valley Veterans Remember World War II is a compilation of 76 World War II veterans’ stirring recollections of the war, recorded during a memoir class taught by author Janice Stevens. Together, this collection of narratives makes for a compelling, educational, and often quite revealing read. The book is powerfully enhanced by the inclusion of 90 photos, many depicting the authors in their wartime uniforms.

This remarkable array of stories details events in all major theaters of the war: the Pacific, Europe, the airwar, Japan, and the homefront (including the saga of Japanese internment), among others. Ranging from riveting to poignant, the stories acutely convey the difficulties and privations of life during wartime, and also recount dramatic moments of epochal combat, such as the landings at Okinawa and the bloody Battle of the Bulge.

Many stories contain no combat at all, but rather concentrate on other important facets of the war, including one writer’s experience in a Japanese internment camp, as well as the critical role of men and women serving on the homefront who were the foundation for the military’s entire mammoth effort during the war.

Stories of Service

  • 76 Central Valley World War II veterans’ personally-told stories of their war experience.
  • Stories from all major fronts, plus the homefront, are represented.
  • 90 vintage photographs.
  • Stories of Service will strongly appeal to many residents of the San Joaquin Valley, particularly those with veterans or a history of military service in their family.
  • The book is an excellent classroom resource.


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