Fresno’s Architectural Past


“Fresno’s downtown buildings, and their beauty and history, are deftly captured in a new book by painter Pat Hunter and writer Janice Stevens.” —The Fresno Bee, on Fresno’s Architectural Past

Fresno’s Architectural Past
Watercolors by Pat Hunter, Text by Janice Stevens

Hardcover, 11″ x 8.5″, 76 pages, 67 Watercolor illustrations

ISBN 978-0-941936-97-2

Publication Date: April 2006

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Product Description

Fresno’s Architectural Past is renowned local artist Pat Hunter’s unique and stirring homage to the landmark buildings of downtown Fresno, California. “A tangible heritage of ideas and traditions can be found in the architectural beauty of these aging buildings,” writes Fresno architect Robert E. Dyer. It is this very sentiment which inspired Pat to create her beautiful, evocative watercolor paintings — works of art which strikingly convey the grand essence of these storied structures, and stimulate our appreciation for their glory and personality.

Pat and her colleague Janice Stevens, who provided the text for this book, examine 22 of Fresno’s architectural treasures. Their subjects include, among others: the Southern Pacific Railroad, the Meux Home, the Pacific Southwest Building, and Warnors Theater. Join them as they survey Fresno’s architectural heritage through the sensitive medium of watercolor.

Including a glossary of architectural terms and a bibliography, this nostalgic look at the historic past and current rebirth of central Fresno pays stirring homage to the area’s unique architectural riches. History and art buffs alike will rejoice in this wonderful and inspiring treatment of Fresno’s architectural heritage.

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